• This is a robust 100W / 1000N closed chain garage door operator and very silent.

  • It comes with a 24V battery back-up facility which will allow you to operate the motor during a power failure.

  • The motor comes with a onboard code hopping receiver and 2 x 4 button transmitters.


  • 00250 GEMINI Door Operator Overhead Type - Sectional
  • 00270 GEMINI Door Operator Vertical Type - Roll-up
  • 00280 GEMINI Door Operator Overhead - Caravan

  There are two types of Eazy Lift garage door motors depending on your personal needs.
  1. Eazy Lift Sectional Motors : For use with Tip-up, Sectional - Single/Double and Caravan
  2. Eazy Lift Roll-up : For use with Side and Centre installation

The Eazy lift range are available in different types and based on your personal needs look at the following points before choosing your garage door automation:

  • Frequency of use: Will the door be used more than normal, i.e. more than 4 open and closes per day?
  • Wear and Tear: Due to the sudden stop and start of some motors, consider a DC motor with a Soft Start/Stop function.
  • Safety: For additional peace of mind, choose a motor that can accommodate the installation of photo beams.
  • Multiple application: If you have more than one Garage Door and a gate motor, choose a motor with 4 button remotes and the ability to install extra receivers.
  •  Caravan: Choose a motor with extended extrusion purpose built for the application

The range of openers differ in the following areas:

  • Power Rating - Light to Heavy doors can be accommodated up to 600N power delivery for the Eazy Lift Tip-up and Sectional Motors.
  • Drive Mechanism - The market supplies belt driven, chain driven and screw driven motors. The Eazy Lift Tip-up and Sectional motors are all chain driven.
  • Motor Rating - On the market there are numerous AC and DC motors. Both the Eazy Lift Tip-up and Sectional Motors as well as the Eazy Lift Roll-up motors is DC.
  • Door Type - The Eazy Lift range caters for all Meranti/Steel Tip-up and Sectional Doors as well as Roll-up doors. Impact Garage Doors do NOT recommend automation of Tip-in type doors.
  • Accessories - The Eazy Lift Sectional and Roll-up motors include Remotes, Receiver, wall socket bracket, manual release and battery backup.n


All motors have battery back-up or battery operated


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